From Home for Home

Regionalism is a popular buzzword that is often used today. Only a few act accordingly. Our role models, the monks, couldn’t do otherwise. To brew they took what their surroundings offered them and then they selected the best of it according to their high and almost scientific standards of quality. We still work the same way today.


Our raw materials are among the best that our native Bavarian home country is able to offer for our demanding brewing art. When our beers are fresh and bottled after long ripening periods, they come (on the shortest route) directly to the place where the Karmeliten beer lovers can enjoy it. Beer is a food product, whose freshness best results from short transporting distances. Not only our beautiful nature does benefit from this.


Skilled beer connoisseurs know that. Not the seductive television advertising or alluring dumping price promotions are important for them, but the sound coming from their home. From the brewery they know, which is rooted here and which creates new emplyments and apprenticeships.

The brewery is also a culinary and culturally indispensable component of our region. This is our contribution to the conservation of a strong and powerful, regional economic structure.